Market Characteristics

Sellers Market
· Fewer homes for Sale
· Shorter average time on market
· Prices may trend upwards
· More Buyers
· Prices become the Issue not time
· More Sales volume
· Power to negotiate may be with the Seller

· Market moves at a good rate
· Prices are relatively stable
· Supply meets demand

· Over supply of homes For Sale
· Lots of For Sale signs
· Longer than normal sale times
· Fewer Buyer at Open days
· Prices may be trending down
· Can be difficult to keep good relations between the agent and the Seller
· Seller has less power to negotiate
· Seller must meet the market to achieve a sale 

Should you wish to have one of our representatives explain these characteristics in more detail, you can phone our office on (08) 9780 9777 or call in to see us and they will be happy to help.

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